DCP Cloud

Build With Massively Parallel Compute

DCP Cloud automates the provisioning and orchestration of compute-intensive workloads on cloud infrastructure. Its multi-cloud framework lets you access hundreds of data centres without becoming locked-in.

A Federated Cloud Environment

Large public cloud operators encourage lock-in through vendor-specific tools and large data transfer fees. DCP sidesteps this by forcing these players to compete on a level playing field, dramatically improving portability and reducing compute costs.

DCP Cloud also streamlines the deployment and operation of cloud-based workloads. Unlike other public cloud platforms that make you pay for a specific environment, DCP's Compute API provides a completely automates the provisioning and orchestration of compute resources. Unlike other serverless tools however, there are no penalties on longer or parallel workloads.

On-demand infrastructure for high-throughput compute, FaaS, & more

Massive-scale distributed computing without orchestration

One environment shared by heterogeneous accelerators, providers, & more

Use Cases

DCP Cloud is purpose built for scaling massive scientific and analytics applications that don’t involve sensitive data. If you operate any of these processes in a public cloud environment or are looking to "lift and shift" your applications off-prem, DCP Cloud may be the perfect fit.

Compute-intensive batch processes like rendering, simulations, and predictive analytics can benefit greatly from DCP Cloud's low cost and massively parallel compute resources.

DCP Cloud provides both HPC and edge resources to make processing complex data streams easier, more efficient, and more cost expensive than any centralized cloud operator.

Training and deploying AI models takes large amounts of GPU resources that can be incredibly expensive, but DCP Cloud provides the same hardware at a fraction of the cost.

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The DCP Cloud Advantage

Instant Failover

Workloads are highly fault-tolerant to disruptions, and seamlessly transition to a different node when one becomes unresponsive.

Any Infrastructure

Access processors and hardware accelerators in the exact combination required by your workloads, and stop paying for instances that don't get fully used.

No Service Limits

There are no progressive rates or service limits, and compute is priced up to 95% less than anywhere else. Similarly, there is no resource waste due to stolen CPU.

Free of Lock-In

Use the best tools while keeping your workloads fully portable, preventing lock-in to one vendor and making switching costs a thing of the past.

Compute for Any Workload

CPU Resources
IoT & Edge

Fully configured edge infrastructure from around the world, including cloudlets and fully mobile edge networks. DCP Cloud is the future of Edge-as-a-Service.


CPUs that meet requirements for all but the most resource-intensive workloads. These cores are drawn from rack servers and high-end workstations.

Enterprise & HPC

High-performance and dedicated server resources like Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC chips, built for the most demanding CPU-bound workloads.

GPU Resources
Virtualized GPUs

On-demand vGPUs of from consumer grade video cards to professional specs like the A100. DCP Cloud provides the same high-performance hardware for pennies on the dollar.

Simple & Use-based Pricing

DCP meters the use of computing resources as a factor of compute time, bandwidth, and memory usage. There are no opaque factors to complicate your cost considerations, as supporting tools like load balancing and orchestration are provided for free.

DCP Cloud uses a model whereby you can specify the price you are willing to pay for any particular workload, similar to how 'spot pricing' works on other platforms. In any case, you can plan your compute budget far in advance without surprises.

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Enterprise-Grade Service Levels

  • Five Nines Platform

    We guarantee a 99.999% uptime of the DCP Cloud network, ensuring workloads always have a reliable place to run.

  • Compliance Certificates

    DCP Cloud partners verify that they meet the compliance standards for hosting sensitive and/or regulated workloads.

  • Granular Controls

    You may specify criteria that must be met for your workload such as homomorphic encryption libraries or total isolation.

Power DCP Cloud

If you own HPC systems or a large number of rack servers, workstations and other endpoints, you can sell your underutilized capacity to DCP Cloud at a profit. Even existing public cloud operators can benefit by generating marginal revenue without the usual cost of customer acquisition, significantly improving their return-on-investment.

You will have full control over which workloads can use your infrastructure and how much they can consume. Most importantly, DCP workloads will have no impact on the underlying performance or security of the hardware itself.

On-demand infrastructure for high-throughput compute, FaaS, & more

Massive-scale distributed computing without orchestration

One environment shared by heterogeneous accelerators, providers, & more

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