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Hyperscale Computing On-Demand

There is no public cloud as powerful as every public cloud, together

Discover the easiest way to connect to multiple public cloud providers, accelerating your workload through the Distributed Computer.

Diverse Selection

Connect to multiple datacentres, institutions, and specialized providers

Lowest Cost

Providers compete to offer the best price, with clear and real-time transparency

Minimal Overhead

Manage your security and orchestration through a single-pane-of-glass

Multi-Cloud Tailored to Your Requirements

Whether beginning their journey in the cloud or scaling existing capabilities, organizations are increasingly making use of components from different cloud providers.

The Distributed Computer is a reliable, single point of access for hyperscale computing resources from a multitude of clouds. It enables your organization to effortlessly create and re-arrange dedicated instances for your applications, without worrying where they come from.


The Distributed Computer removes the art and simplifies the science to make your applications more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.


Different vendors and hardware can be combined as a single powerful instance for your applications, using the best of different systems.


Compute resources are completely abstracted from their underlying hardware, and can be accessed or dropped at a second’s notice.

Simple Orchestration & Accountability

No one build fits every application. That is why the Distributed Computer provides cutting-edge support for cloud infrastructure automation to make your IT’s job as easy as possible.

Using advanced algorithms that combine user-input with memory and compute requirements, your application will run in the optimal place for the lowest price. If your organization requires more granular control, your developers can find it while still working within a single integrated framework.

Transparent, Serverless Pricing

All public cloud providers on the Distributed Computer use a simple, metered billing system. Instead of counting the number of function requests like most serverless systems, organizations pay for the compute and network resources consumed.


Developers can run small portions of applications on a local device and extrapolate the cost of the final workload, eliminating budget surprises.


There are no hidden costs outside of this algorithm, and unlike other platforms there are no arbitrary conditions on daily usage.


Organizations can set an upper bound on the amount they are willing to pay for its workloads, turning the tables on high-priced alternatives.

A Multi-Factor Security System

The Distributed Computer provides enterprise with two complementary security models

Single Pane-of-Glass

View the operations of every workload and permissioned user in one virtual command hub, enforcing non-repudiation and data visibility.

Standardized Security

An increasing number of tools is leading to a greater attack surface. The Distributed Computer closes these gaps and lets you enforce the same security policy across different architecture quickly and cheaply.

Workload Controls

Exercise granular control over your organization’s cloud instances, from the encryption to whether it should be dedicated over multi-tenant.

Compliance Tools

Access providers in the right jurisdiction and with the right certification for sensitive workloads, from HIPAA to SOC 2.

Professional Support

The Distributed Computer is hosted in a five-nines server in Toronto, Canada, while KingsDS provides personalized customer support.

Ease of Complete Mobility, Zero Lock-In

The Distributed Computer is a vendor-agnostic platform that provides write-once, run-anywhere functionality. Applications and workloads can skip across any provider at a moment notice to take advantage of pricing opportunities without performance loss.

Develop for every cloud.
Forget about switching costs.

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