On-Premise & Private Cloud

Make Your Intranet a Secure, Elastic Cloud

Your most powerful cloud may be in plain sight

Almost every organization owns significant computing resources that sit unused. The Distributed Computer helps capture these and securely put them to work.

A Force Multiplier for On-Premises

The Distributed Computer recaptures idle computing and network resources from any device. Beyond traditional servers, it connects heterogenous devices such as workstations, laptops, embedded systems, and more.

All resources are virtually pooled together and made completely elastic to organizational demand. From experimentation to full deployment, our internal private clouds help extract more value from hardware you already own.

Relieves Pressure

By provisioning non-conventional forms of hardware like workstations, the Distributed Computer relieves the pressure on your most powerful HPC assets.

Fast Deployment

Whether your organization has 10 employees or 10,000, our private clouds comparatively require no effort to setup and manage.

Increased Efficiency

The Distributed Computer eliminates downtime and lost capacity - even inside dedicated Containers and VMs - with best-in-industry compute scavenging.

Broad Access

Create a powerful intranet for computing that can be accessed on any device or OS by authenticated users.

Off-The-Shelf Apps

Build your own custom compute and data-intensive applications or draw on a diverse number of pre-built applications to run on-premise.

Measured Service

Access granular tools for monitoring the usage of computing and network resources at the device, application, and user level.

Ease of Complete Mobility, Zero Lock-In

Every private cloud is different. That is why the Distributed Computer lets the organization build their own dynamic networks that can be combined or partitioned at a moment’s notice. The same pool of virtual compute resources can be allocated across business units, projects, and even employees.

Rapid elasticity.
Seamless multi-tenancy.
One API.

On-premise private clouds also add advanced edge computing capabilities. By extending beyond the datacentre to the field or laboratory itself, users can access incredibly low-latency computing power through a single API.

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Transparent, Serverless Pricing

Unlike most private cloud solutions, the Distributed Computer is a flat license fee for unlimited use. With pricing that starts at just $0.28 per CPU core year, even the most compute-intensive workloads will barely register in the IT budget.

For up to 99% less than other solutions, our private clouds allow you to greatly expand your on-premise capacity, security, and flexibility.

Fixed Cost

An ultra-low license fee means the even marginal usage of the private clouds yields a high ROI, while its fixed nature lets compute be amortized over any period.


A single license fee accounts for compute, infrastructure automation, networking, and more, removing any opaque pricing from the equation.

Simple Monitoring

With automated insights and tracking tools from the Distributed Computer, it is easy to audit usage for accounting and cross-charge purposes.

In addition to immensely saving computing costs, an organization can also donate idle computing cycles to a non-profit for tax credits and CSR benefits. Get in touch with us today to learn how.

Shared Access for Community Clouds

In addition to internal private clouds, the Distributed Computer allows organizations to merge their resources to create a shared Community Cloud. This adds hyperscale-like capabilities to your most secure computing resources while driving increased economies of scale.

Private clouds that are combined provide the same best-in-class security and orchestration measures to make the IT resources involved almost negligible.

Priority Access

Your on-premise hardware is given priority so you can maintain internal SLAs and maintain an uninterrupted employee experience.

Flexible Orchestration

Infrastructure that is provided to partner organizations can fall within a single geographical location or category, and depend on specific users.

Seamless Multi-Tenancy

Like all other processes on the Distributed Computer, multiple applications can use the same hardware without compromising security or experience.

Fine-Grained Security

Security is an increasingly important factor in the shift toward private cloud deployments. With an on-premises grid powered by the Distributed Computer, an organization can implement a fine-grained security policy while keeping data and algorithms behind the firewall.

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