Advanced Research Computing

Kings Distributed Systems works with partners to democratize global access to computing power, in order to accelerate science and inclusive innovation. Its technology can be found in universities around the world.

Our Partners

KDS works with its partners to provide free edge computing resources for academic institutions. We are proud that our technology is used by universities on three continents for everything from astrophysics to medical research.

If you are an academic institution or researcher interested in learning more, please get in touch with our educational nonprofit, Distributed Compute Labs, below.

DCL is a Canadian educational non-profit that works with universities to establish their own grid-style networks on the Distributed Computer. It promotes the following goals in combination with its strategic partner, KDS:

  1. Create private compute grids at universities and academic institutions, free of charge.
  2. Catalyze an open ecosystem of applications and software libraries for scientific research.
  3. Provide strategic grants of computing resources to eligible groups.
  4. Encourage adoption of the Distributed Computer for applied research across all fields.

Visit their website or email them at to learn more.

Distributed Compute Labs →

Our Global Innovation Network

We also partner with other organizations that provide HPC to both academia and industry around the world.

There is a tremendous gap worldwide between computational haves and have-nots - even while tremendous processor resources go to waste. If you are trying to solve this problem in your country, please contact us.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in provisioning or providing compute for non-profit, please send an email to or visit their site below.