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Empowering Research & Innovation, Globally

By connecting underused computing resources with the scientists who need it most, the Distributed Computer lowers the barrier to breakthrough discoveries.

Learn how we work with an ecosystem of partners to support science & innovation.

Our Partners

Kings Distributed Systems works with its partners to provide affordable, abundant computing resources for non-profit and academic users.

Distributed Compute Labs

DCL is a Canadian educational non-profit that maintains a network of free and heavily subsidized infrastructure on the Distributed Computer. This organization is a strategic partner to KDS with the following priorities:

- Create private compute grids at universities and academic institutions, free of charge.

- Catalyze an open ecosystem of applications and software libraries for scientific research.

- Provide strategic grants of computing resources to eligible groups.

- Encourage adoption of the Distributed Computer for applied research across all fields.

If you are a non-profit or academic researcher, visit their site to learn more.

Distributed Compute Labs →

Innovation Network

Kings Distributed Systems and DCL maintain strategic partnerships with other leading organizations to provide compute while connecting science with industry.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in provisioning or providing compute for non-profit, please send an email to or visit their site below.