Powering Digital Transformation

Data is the foundation of an intelligent organization

However, there is often a significant discount on how much can be processed. What could your organization do if it could make use of far more data at its disposal?

New Capabilities

New Partners

New Possibilities

Learn how our platform makes this possible by removing the toughest computing hurdles.

Across The Organization & Beyond

Wherever data must be transformed into insights, the Distributed Computer may be able to remove friction and make the experience more spontaneous for the user.

Our API can be found in both the front- and back-office. AI engineers might use it to build federated machine learning models from the users’ own hardware, and marketers can view inferences about customer behaviour in real-time. True transformation arises from the link between these groups powered by the Distributed Computer.

Business units and even entirely different organizations can combine their computing infrastructure together, multiplying the digital capabilities of the participants.

Lowering Cost & Performance Barriers

Factors outside an organization’s control can make positive return on digital initiatives difficult. The Distributed Computer lowers the cost of computing by an order of magnitude to make even the most demanding applications economical.

By putting more hardware within reach and simplifying complex deployment models, your organization can put more muscle behind its innovative ideas.

Encourage Experimentation.
Remove Cost Concerns.

Creating New Competencies

The Distributed Computer significantly reduces the difficulty in building and using compute-intensive applications. This encourages citizen developers to create powerful new software in their area of expertise, sanctioned by your IT.

Applications can be shared with appropriate controls, and their results visualized in beautiful UIs across the organization. This has the potential to increase familiarity with data-driven processes, taking less of your IT team’s time.

Easy To Collaborate. Drive Simple Data Literacy.

Building Connected Ecosystems

The Distributed Computer is a tool to build partnerships and collaborations with external organizations. With its ability to form composable compute networks, the possibility is endless.

Single Target Deployment

Unlike current models, developers save significant time developing for one target instead of versions for multiple VMs and Containers.

Simple API Management

A rich collection of libraries, documentation, and SDKs make development intuitive, supported by tools for monitoring use and enterprise payments.

Cross-Platform Development

Our API fits right into your development team’s workflow, including practically any local or cloud-based IDE.

Accelerate Your Digital Journey

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