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Easily run workloads across different hardware platforms with DCP. From HPC in the cloud to on-premises and edge deployments, configuring and orchestrating infrastructure is a thing of the past.

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Private Cloud

Unlock Your Full On-Prem Potential

Private clouds provide the most control over data and resources, but growing them is usually a large capital expense. DCP lets you grow and create private clouds from endpoints you already own such as rack servers, PCs, and IoT devices. These Private Networks convert your entire enterprise LAN into a fully functional and high performance computing platform, all without without the high cost of investing in new servers.

Lowest TCO

Signficantly reduce the cost of running apps on-prem.

Composable Infrastructure

Make your infrastructure more efficient & self-orchestrating.

Granular AAA Tools

Protect your data with custom access & authentication policies.

Public Cloud

On-Demand Compute From Anywhere

Public clouds provide on-demand compute, but they are notorious for their steep learning curves, opaque fee structures, and proprietary tools. DCP lets your organization access the same hyperscale computing resources at a fraction of the cost, drawn from dozens of independent data centres. You can now run workloads across any infrastructure without vendor-specific tools, unlocking new cost and performance advantages.

Lowest Rates

On-demand compute at the lowest cost of any public cloud environment.

Serverless Controls

Use resources at any scale, without managing VMs or the risk of overprovisioning.

Seamless Multi-Cloud

Workloads are fully portable across any hardware, reversing cloud lock-in.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Without The Management

Hybrid clouds improve flexibility but add a sigificant degree of complexity. DCP is a seamless way to link your on-prem environment with off-prem compute, and doesn’t require a third-party cloud management platform. You can use it to easily launch hybrid workloads at any scale with, while maintaining high availability and application security.

Optimizes Workloads

DCP does the heavylifting to optimize your hybrid workload, based on many factors.

Seamless Bursting

Let applications burst to new servers without any provisioning or orchestration.

Secure & Accountable

DCP minimizes the additional security gaps common to hybrid applications.

Edge Computing

Mobile & Distributed Edge Networks

Edge computing brings processing closer to the source of data itself. DCP makes it easy to perform stream processing with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of heterogeneous devices - regardless of different operating systems. You can instantly connect IoT devices together as requirements increase, and even draw on other networks through private Edge-as-a-Service tools.

One Environment

DCP creates a single software environment across any types of hardware platforms.

Bridges To Cloud

Let applications scale to high-performance servers without provisioning or orchestration.

Reduced Cyber-Risk

DCP reduces the IoT attack surface, allowing untrusted code to run on arbitrary machines.

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