Compute Engine

Robust Distributed Computing Platform

The future of enterprise technology is built with the Distributed Computer.

We have re-imagined the logic of computing to make any infrastructure more flexible, efficient, and adaptive.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

The promise of truly writing code that can run anywhere is finally fulfilled.

The Distributed Computer is powered by a revolutionary software stack that simplifies how workloads interact with the underlying hardware. This technology saves time, effort, and training by letting the developer program for just one target instead of multiple VMs, Containers, and other siloes.


From on-premise hardware to servers in the cloud, developers can write applications that scale automatically without provisioning or orchestration


The software footprint of the Distributed Computer is almost non-existent, with ultra-small I/O requirements and no cold start times


The Distributed Computer scavenges and pools underused compute anywhere it can be found, from the bare metal itself to even dedicated instances


With improved performance in single- and multi-device settings, high throughput workloads can be completed faster than ever

How It Works

Unlike almost every computing environment today, the Distributed Computer does not use VMs or Containers such as Docker to virtualize the underlying hardware. To provide greater performance without the same level of complexity and overhead cost, it builds on the ultra-secure V8 JavaScript engine.

Executing code in V8 is how the Distributed Computer is able to make the exact same code run on every device with almost no overhead. JavaScript is the universal language of computing and aspects like NodeJS have gathered immense enterprise adoption.

As the target of intense development competition, JavaScript is improving its performance and security by orders of magnitude.


Our Scheduler is at the cutting edge of its class, building on the latest advances in distributed computing to route traffic for optimal execution.

Compute API

The Compute API is the access point for developers, putting every library and function in easy reach.


The Bank is a database that records the transfer of value on the Distributed Computer using a multi-metric accounting system.


The Worker is an extremely thin client that executes workloads for the Distributed Computer. It can be installed on any system including Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Applications in Enterprise

There are many applications that benefit from the Distributed Computer’s revolutionary HTC platform. Applications that are highly data parallel are ideal targets, since the compute engine can spread these across a large number of cores.

The Distributed Computer is the first platform that allows computing resources to be bought and sold in a global marketplace. Any enterprise with underutilized compute can collect revenue by renting this digital infrastructure, whether servers, workstations, or even IoT devices.

Revenue Opportunities

Ease of Migration

The Distributed Computer is the ideal platform for HTC and data parallel workloads. There may be a light touch migration required depending on the application.

Zero Lock-In. Lowest Cost. Rich SDKs.

Work is expressed on the Distributed Computer in NodeJS, a common and secure framework with significant enterprise adoption. Once the application is created, it can take full advantage of the platform’s hyperscale resources.

Get Started Today

Whether your HTC job is thousands or millions of core hours, get started with the Distributed Computer’s simple migration process today.