Compute for the Future of Enterprise Applications

Any User. Any Device. Any Deployment Model.

The Distributed Computer builds secure, powerful, and highly flexible applications that make use of heavy compute resources.

Greater Engagement

Complex and powerful applications can be hidden behind gorgeously intuitive UIs, making it usable for everyone from scientists to salespeople.

Scalable On-Demand

Applications are decoupled from the hardware they need to run. Organizations can share resources internally, externally, and easily burst to the cloud.

Infrastructure Agnostic

Applications can seamlessly scale between heterogeneous infrastructure to capture differences in price and performance.

Easy To Build, Easier To Use

The Distributed Computer makes it easy to build applications that can be shared at any level across the enterprise. Your developer team can get started in minutes with our cloud-native API and thorough documentation.

Even simpler than development is the process of using these applications. The employee experience is improved with tools for intuitively managing different parameters, datasets, outputs, and more. This saves trouble shooting time and frees your IT team for more valuable tasks.


Coming In Any Size Or Shape

Applications built with the Distributed Computer support an incredible diversity of use cases. All of them yield strong performance benefits, in addition to saving time and capital.

On-Prem 🡒 Cloud

Applications on the Distributed Computer can take advantage of any deployment model and hardware, from edge networks to GPU clusters.

Command-Line 🡒 Web

As a Headless service, the Distributed Computer can integrate with any front-end including CL, Mobile Apps, gorgeous Webpages, and more.

Microservice 🡒 Standalone

Applications can be used to offload a single step of a compute-intensive workflow, perform siloed compute, and anything in-between.

Custom-Built 🡒 Licensed

Enterprise can build and operate applications solely in-house, pay only for what is used, or license them as a SaaS.


Whatever your industry and stage of digital adoption, the Distributed Computer can help save costs and increase performance.

Artificial Intelligence

The Distributed Computer makes compute-intensive hyperparameter searches, federated machine learning, DNNs, and other methods easy to develop and integrate into your workflow.

Healthcare & Life Science

Monitoring patient data, forecasting the transmission of infectious diseases, BLAST searches, and diverse processes in bioinformatics are made more accessible and easier to reproduce.

Geospatial Data Processing

Build powerful GIS tools or augment existing ones and perform complex analysis from the office or the field

Monitoring Industry 4.0

Smart cities, digital twins, and next generation manufacturing can all benefit from increased computing power. Applications can even use edge devices themselves to offload some of the operations.

Securities Analysis

Compute is used to monitor risk and detect fraud, back test trading strategies, extract market insights, and more. Applications should be intuitive and low code, all made easy with the Distributed Computer.

And Countless More.

If your compute-intensive workload has elements of data parallelism, it may greatly benefit from the Distributed Computer. Contact us today to find out.

Enabling Continuous Delivery

Code must be kept constantly deployable today, even in the face of hundreds or thousands of changes being made. The Distributed Computer enables this by making it simple to write, run, and debug applications.

Single Target Deployment

Unlike current models, developers save significant time developing for one target instead of versions for multiple VMs and Containers.

Simple API Management

A rich collection of libraries, documentation, and SDKs make development intuitive, supported by tools for monitoring use and enterprise payments.

Cross-Platform Development

Our API fits right into your development team’s workflow, including practically any local or cloud-based IDE.

Applications Written For Everywhere

The complexity of application development today is outpacing the ability of many organizations to safely adapt. The Distributed Computer cuts through this with one API that standardizes multi-cloud operations without creating additional attack surface.

Effortlessly Scale Workloads, Within & Without

Private Cloud

On-premise hardware alone can power a rich intranet of applications. This deployment model protects the most sensitive data while greatly reducing cost.

Public, Hybrid, & Edge

Any application can take advantage of tremendous computing power hosted off-premise, whether by default or to load balance heavy use.

Decoupled From The Backend

Applications are completely agnostic to the frontend and can be accessed anywhere from a mobile phone to an office workstation, regardless of OS.

Ready-To-Run Solutions

Build your own applications entirely in-house or choose from a wide range of turnkey solutions. The Distributed Computer offers both serverless and SaaS license billing models. Your organization may also generate revenue streams by sharing any new application as a COTS solution.

Get Started Today

Contact us today to get started with our public cloud services. Alternatively, we are here to help you decide if another deployment model is right for you.