Distributed Computing For
Diverse Environments

The Distributed Compute Protocol is an environment-agnostic framework for cloud & edge. Its technology yields maximum security, composability, and cost performance for data-driven enterprise.

Unify your different compute environments, and save 90% of the cost.

No container management, systems engineering, or complex instance types.

DCP makes it very simple to distribute compute-bound work across any kind of infrastructure, from ray tracing to predictive analytics. It is the first framework that allows the same code to run in any heterogeneous environment, which commoditizes the underlying compute.

Our mission at Kings Distributed Systems is to use DCP to enable any organization to harness these abundant supply networks.

How Does it Work?

DCP's technology aggregates global computational resources into one serverless network, where workloads have no lock-in to specific clouds.

The protocol is also used to create private clouds without any investment in new server, all by capturing idle computational power from any endpoint devices. These two services combine to create a hybrid model that prioritizes both compute cost and data security for the enterprise.

Step 1

Select Your Infrastructure

Instruct your workload to use private, public, or hybrid infrastructure.

Step 2

Run Compute.for()

Use our Compute API to run your workload without managing any servers.

Step 3

Collect Your Results

Collect your results in real time, paying only for what you consume.

Distributed Computing In Any Environment

Private Cloud

Build a private grid out of any endpoints on your intranet or LAN, without investing in new servers.

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Public Cloud

Access CPU and GPU resources from data centres on-demand, for below spot prices elsewhere.

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Hybrid Cloud

Connect your private computing network with resources in the cloud, and seamlessly migrate work.

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Edge Computing

Use a vast public edge fabric without managing devices, and create private edge networks.

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Features & Advantages

DCP makes it easy to power applications with composable infrastructure, while preserving the performance and security expected by enterprise.

Workload Scalability

Access thousands of computers at a fraction of the cost. You can greatly accelerate parallel workloads without being constrained by service limits.

Highly Performant

Our worker nodes improve throughput, wait time, and other performance indicators compared to VMs. Get closer to bare metal results.

Advanced Scheduling

Your workload is algorithmically mapped to the right processors. Our scheduler also prevents common multi-tenant issues like stolen CPU.

Most Competitive Pricing

Access serverless compute resources for as low as $20 per CPU year or $250 per GPU. Other computing services don't even come close.

Saves Cloud Spend

Organizations let millions of dollars of compute go to waste on hardware they already own. Our technology puts this back to work.

Transparent Billing

Know all your costs well in advance for complex workloads. DCP has both flat rate and usage-based pricing.

Pays for Itself - Literally

Your organization can sell compute it doesn't need to recover your costs, or even profit. Our 'smart grid' for compute is open to all.

Upgraded On-Prem

Our Private Networks enable you to perform more compute locally. Sending your data to 'the Cloud' may no longer make sense for many workloads.

Homomorphic Encryption

Protect your data and algorithms with industry-leading homomorphic encryption. Workloads can stay completely encrypted from end-to-end.

Granular Security Controls

Determine which end users can view program data and algorithms, if any. Enforcing your preferred access controls is very straightforward.


Scale across any number of servers without any upfront design. Our system automatically manages all orchestration and load balancing tasks.

No Migrations

Leave behind the pain of migrating VMs. Our technology lets you shift workloads between on-prem and off-prem resources at the press of a button.

Automatic Job Optimization

Our adaptive runtime lets you stop having to rightsize compute instances. Your workloads will find what they need, when they need it.

One Environment

Write code for one environment instead of planning for multiple. You can use hardware accelerators and more without modifying any source code.

Two Models To Fit Your Applications

Choose A DCP Product

Private Networks (Compute Groups) are private clouds made from heterogeneous computing hardware. They extend the serverless model to your own on-prem servers, workstations, and more.

DCP Cloud provides access to a multi-cloud federation of data centres, HPC sites, and other composable infrastructure. Its on-demand pricing is more competitive than any standalone commercial cloud provider.

Used together for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Private Networks
 PDCP Cloud
Any x86, AMD, or RISC-V processors on your intranet or LAN.
Huge variety of public infrastructure - from AMD chips to RTX 3090s.
Fixed annual fee starting at $20/vCPU and $250/GPU. Unlimited use.
Consumption-based billing, averaging $100/vCPU and $1,250/GPU year.
Completely air gapped - data & algorithms stay behind your firewall.
SSH by default, with full support for homomorphic encryption (SEAL).
Microsoft Endpoint Manager and all common network install methods.
Seamless support for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments.
Best Suited For
Keeping sensitive data & algorithms on-premises, and pre-production.
Massive distributed applications, & bursting from on-prem to multicloud.

Every type of processor on devices you own.


Public data centres and edge networks


Fixed pricing at $20/vCPU and $250/vGPU.


Consumption-based at $100/vCPU and $1,250/vGPU


Completely air gapped, private, and/or on-premises


Protected by SSH and Homomorphic Encryption


Seamless multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud support.


All common network endpoint install methods.


Keeping workloads private, and pre-production testing.


Massively distributed, multi-cloud & hybrid-cloud applications.

Improved Business Outcomes

Lower Cost Base

Businesses consistently overprovision and overpay for their compute. DCP solves this for good.

Higher Reliability

Even the largest public cloud operators go down. But with DCP, you always have automated failovers.

Better CI/CD

Shorten the time to build, ship, and scale applications by only having to write code for a single environment.

Integrates With Enterprise Toolchains

DCP supports everything from command-line programs to beautiful web interfaces for non-developers.

It is compatible with almost every popular programming language, and multiple software packages used Industry Uses.

Distribute your programs on any infrastructure without

Build on DCP

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