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Distributed Computing for Anything,
Deployed Across Everything

The Distributed Computer™ is the most intuitive tool for parallel processing.
Its Cloud & Edge networks let you focus on your code - and forget about the infrastructure.

Get in touch to learn how we save time, enhance your existing infrastructure, and save up to 90% of your compute bill.

No container management, systems engineering, or complex instance types.

The Distributed Computer makes it trivially simple to parallelize complex algorithms like machine learning.It requires no manual orchestration, automating deployment across any number of nodes.

How Does it Work?

The Distributed Computer lets you access on-demand compute resources from multiple clouds at a fraction of the cost.
It also allows you to create your own private compute grids from devices on your intranet or LAN, such as workstations and servers that are underutilized most of the time.

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Spot Pricing, On-Demand

Thousands of nodes give on-demand access at below-spot prices.

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Unmatched Interoperability

The Compute API lets you run the same code anywhere, from x86 to RISC-V

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Bespoke Deployments

Control your infrastructure, workload compliance, security, and more

Compute Anywhere, Anytime

The Compute API lets you develop with composable infrastructure in any setting. It also lets you combine different models, useful for applications like federated learning on decentralized data.

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On-Premise & Private Cloud

Extend a powerful computing fabric across every device in your organization, reducing the need for buying public resources

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Edge Computing

Use heterogeneous compute nodes to pre-process and keep more data at the edge

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Hybrid Cloud

Connect multiple public and private computing systems together, for seconds or months

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Public Cloud

The Compute API is a powerful gateway to hundreds of global datacentres and more

Advantages & Benefits

Self-Provisioned, Private Edge Networks

The Distributed Computer combines heterogeneous hardware into a single fabric. Unlocking this otherwise idle compute across servers, workstations, laptops, and more increases your throughput while keeping data on-premise. Organizations can burst to other trusted private networks, or to the public cloud.

Eliminates Idle Time

Lowest Cost

Elastic to Demand

HTC Resources On-Demand

The Distributed Computer aggregates millions of core hours from trusted datacentres and institutions. Its proprietary algorithms abstracts the security, orchestration, and billing of compute resources with options for more granular control of each.

International Sites

Serverless Billing

Competitive Rates

Flexible & Interoperable

Run your workloads anywhere without migrating VMs or changing code. With unique interoperability, the Distributed Computer lets you build applications that can switch location, hardware, and deployment model in an instant.

Hybrid Cloud-Ready

Simple, Powerful Orchestration

Unified API Access

Low-Code, Low-Cost Management

Improve your CI/CD and DevOps cycles with the Compute API, a deceptively simple but powerful tool. Users can develop without concern for the underlying architecture, and test designs in pre-production faster than ever. Best of all, the Distributed Computer is intuitive to all skill levels.

Microservice Ready

Build Gorgeous UIs

Complete Data Mobility

Low-Code, High-Power Applications

Enterprise workloads no longer have to target specific VMs or containers, and developers do not have to perform manual orchestration tasks to scale parallel jobs up or down.

Applications can be as code-heavy as the organization desires, so more users can meet their demands without involving IT.

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Improve Your Business Outcomes

The Distributed Computer is a force-multiplier for your business applications that depend on compute. Only its Compute API provides hyperscale resources that can come from anywhere, breaking down technical siloes and providing the agility a modern business needs.

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Automated Management

There is minimal setup or maintenance required, freeing your expert's time. Spend more efforts driving business outcomes, and less managing VMs and orchestration.

Better Return-on-Investment

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Companies of all sizes overprovision and overpay for compute, which the Distributed Computer completely eliminates. Combined with its expanded on-premises compute, total cost savings of 70-90% are common.

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Better CI/CD

Shorten the time to implementing and launching code changes, without having to manage different environments. The Distributed Computer makes it easier than ever to write once, run everywhere.

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Public & Private Infrastructure

There are two distinct services under the Distributed Computer that can be used individually or in conjunction, with distinct security, cost, and scalability benefits.

The Public Network

The Public Network is a consortium of global hyperscale datacentres and other HPC sites. It is the first platform where organizations can acquire on-demand computing at or below conventional spot prices.

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Private Networks

Private Networks (also called "Compute Groups") are self-provisioned private clouds made from idle and underutilized hardware. They combine the elasticity of the cloud with the security of on-premises.

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