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High-Throughput Computing for Enterprise

Introducing a platform for harnessing affordable, secure HTC resources

Introducing a platform for harnessing affordable, secure compute resources. Factories, hospital networks, and more use the Distributed Computer to grow and connect their private clouds.

Hyperscale. Secure. Affordable.

With one API, the Distributed Computer lets enterprise create secure compute networks that improve efficiency, cost, and productivity. Accelerate your applications with the only platform that runs everywhere from the Cloud to the Edge, and end lock-in for good.

How Does it Work?

The Distributed Computer builds software-defined compute grids that can be elastically combined or partitioned. These grids form a network of hyperscale infrastructure accessed through an intuitive API.

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Lowest Cost

Work is distributed across many cores, greatly reducing cost

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Write once and run the same code anywhere

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Bespoke Deployments

Fine grained control over the infrastructure, privacy, and security

Access Any Infrastructure, Anywhere

The Distributed Computer is completely composable and serverless. An organization can adjust their resource allocation on demand. Orchestration, networking, and automation can easily be changed to allow for all kinds of architectures.

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On-Premise & Private Cloud

Scale up and simplify private clouds, while load balancing with intra- and inter-enterprise resources

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Edge Computing

Easily extend applications to the edge on both public and private infrastructure

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Hybrid Cloud

Manage a complex hybrid cloud system that meets your requirements

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Public Cloud

The Distributed Computer aggregates tremendous compute resources through one API

Advantages & Benefits

Self-Provisioned, Private Edge Networks

The Distributed Computer links diverse hardware together to create an internal private cloud. Unlocking this otherwise idle compute across servers, workstations, and more increases your bandwidth while keeping data on-premise. Organizations can also combine these networks together to reduce downtime and aggregate capacity while preserving privacy requirements.

Eliminates Idle Time

Lowest Cost

Elastic to Demand

HTC Resources On-Demand

The Distributed Computer aggregates tremendous amounts of compute from trusted third party datacentres and institutions. Its proprietary technology schedules HTC tasks for the best suited hardware, making sure you get the ideal mix of cost, security, and performance.

International Sites

Serverless Billing

Competitive Rates

Flexible & Interoperable

Run your HTC application through any combination of hardware whether on-premise, in the Cloud, or through a Hybrid framework. With cutting edge hardware and network interoperability, the Distributed Computer lets you build applications on any infrastructure from datacentres to the 5G-enabled Edge.

Hybrid Cloud-Ready

Simple, Powerful Orchestration

Unified API Access

Low-Code, Low-Cost Management

Unmatched hardware abstraction and simple APIs keep the costs of development low. IT professionals can program without concern for the underlying architecture, and iterate faster than ever before. Best of all, the Distributed Computer is intuitive to developers of all skills.

Microservice Ready

Build Gorgeous UIs

Complete Data Mobility

Simplified Application Development

Enterprise workloads no longer have to target specific virtual machines or containers with the Distributed Computer, improving cost and agility. Workloads can also be scaled up or down on demand, and seamlessly move across heterogeneous hardware.

Applications can be as sophisticated or low-code as the organization desires. Users can consistently meet their demands without involving IT, improving agility and cost savings.

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Powering the Composable Organization

Whether you are a global brand or an innovative startup, the Distributed Computer is a force-multiplier for your compute-intensive applications.

Making your infrastructure flexible and adaptive has many benefits, and it will be a top goal of 70% of companies by 2022 according to Gartner. Only the Distributed Computer provides hyperscale resources through a single API, breaking down siloes and providing the agility a modern business needs

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Automated Management

There is minimal setup or maintenance required for the platform, freeing your IT staff's valuable time. Spend more time driving business outcomes and less managing VMs and Containers.

Improved ROI

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Stop paying for overallocated resources in the public cloud with transparent SaaS and metered billing. Expand your on-premise capacity without additional CapEx, and earn new passive revenue streams to offset your costs.

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Continuous Delivery

Shorten the time to application launch with no more need to write code for different environments. The Distributed Computer makes it easier than ever to integrate microservices to offload compute-intensive work.

Cloud Native API

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Replace dozens of siloed, manual frameworks with one cloud-native API. Encourage your citizen developers and every business unit to innovate their own solutions from a low-code framework, driving your company forward.

Provide A Smarter Foundation for Computing

There are two ways the platform assembles, combines, and extends powerful compute grids for HTC apps, which can be used independently or in conjunction. Two models, one powerful toolkit.

The Distributed Computer

The Distributed Computer is a gateway to global hyperscale infrastructure provided by datacentres and more. It the first platform where organizations can buy and sell both compute in an open market through a system that standardizes time, memory, and I/O.

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Compute Groups

A Compute Group is an internal private cloud made from idle and underutilized computing cycles. They extend the same composability and hyperscale style of the public cloud to your on-premises operations, and let different business units access a central pool of computing.

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Lowest Cost Compute | Increased On-Prem Bandwidth | Improved Data Security

Simplified Deployment & IT Management | Fully Interoperable Applications